Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Solar Roofing Shingles are Vastly Improved Devices that Use Solar Power Technology

While many agree that solar energy is the type that delivers clean and green power, they are also one in saying that the traditional sun's energy panels have a glaring problem, and this is its bulkiness in size and appearance - until solar power shingles came along.

Indeed, home owners confer too that the original solar equipment were huge and unsightly, and so are hardly able to contribute to the aesthetics and overall appearance of their properties.

It’s a good thing that great advances in this particular technology has happened in the last couple of years. The latest products are solar shingles, the general designs of which are all geared towards the development and commercial availability of thinner, more compact, and highly attractive devices.

Extremely effective sources of alternative power from the sun

There is a welcome positive development that involves these advanced devices, apart from their highly powerful capabilities in delivering energy. And this is their ultra sleek appearance. So far, these alternative roofing components have gained significant attention from energy and budget conscious consumers and home owners. Indeed, such roofing components are a vital breakthrough that’s a boon to people who simply shun away from large sun powered panel systems.

What’s special about these solar roofing shingles?

For one thing, they are just like any other ordinary ones used in a great number of modern roofs. They are usually dark-colored, which is done so that they don’t stand out, and instead compliment the home's rooftop. This, in effect, eliminates the chance of them becoming unsightly devices in the same way as the panels.

Homeowners are pleasantly surprised that upon installation, these tiles very much appear like those in regular roof. The shingle’s design is seamless; this makes it better-looking aesthetically than the gargantuan regular sun panel systems.

PV cells as vital components

The technology that makes these solar power shingles highly successful is the use of thin photovoltaic cells. The makers of these special gadgets came up with a unique design that makes use of tiny and efficient components that are built using steel substrates.

They were manufactured in a way that they are able to gather the existing spectrum of the rays of the sun. As these tiles are layered on top of one another, the result is a highly efficient and beautiful alternative device that produces sufficient power that comes from the sun.

Needless to say, the industry has provided an alternative energy system with the use of highly efficient tiles that can be installed directly on top of residences, buildings, and structures.

In spite of the high solar roofing shingles cost, these devices are considered to be more effective and reliable source than traditional panels. Most importantly, they are highly appealing and attractive rooftop components that add greatly to the commercial value of any home.


Unknown said...

Thank you Ernest for your article. From reading this post, I think you like solar roof shingles than solar panels. I think the shingles and the panels have both advantages and disadvantages. The location of the residence and other factors would greatly determine which is better. Just a thought. :)

Unknown said...

I read another article that said efficiency, cost, and installation of solar shingles and solar panels are the main differences between the two. If you're in Australia, you might want solar panels from local distributors like AVIC Solar.