Sunday, April 20, 2014

DIY Solar Panels: Great Options as Alternative Energy Sources

Why should homeowners seriously consider DIY solar panels? In fact, more and more people are discovering the efficiency and affordability of clean and renewable sun-power source.

For one thing, having your own solar panel means money is bound to be saved. It is because consumption and overall dependence on traditional electrical power will be lessened.

However, a manufactured, commercial type from a home improvement center or hardware store typically costs thousands of dollars. Fortunately, when building your own, this means expenses will only amount to a few hundred.

Steps on how you can build solar panel kits

1. Find quality cells

Top of the list of vital parts is the solar cell. No DIY package is incomplete without it. It’s cost effective if you can buy them directly from a dealer or wholesaler.

However, since you are buying the cells separately, you are up for a tedious task since you will have to make separate purchase of the other important components as well.

While PV cells are easily available at brick and mortar shops, it’s more convenient and cheaper to get them from Internet shops. Prices are definitely much lesser because of the stiff competition among these online establishments.

2. Batteries and inverter

These are also vital components of your solar panel. In the case of battery, it is a must-have storage device, unless you intend to immediately use the power generated by your device. Generally, batteries are a must since you need them in order to properly store energy.

Inverters as well as batteries are pricey, especially if you go for branded and new ones. However, you can save considerably if you acquire used yet still good-conditioned one.

3. Construction proper of DIY solar panels

A basic panel is just cells attached to one another. These parts generate energy until such time that enough has been created to meet your requirement.

A standard do-it-yourself package should come with a simple wood container that will accommodate the PV cells. In order to join them, you must have strippers, wiring cutter, and soldering iron ready.

Your ultimate goal is to join the cells together in order to create a working panel. It is advisable to install also a special diode within the device in order to prevent energy in the battery to flow back into the panels, especially if sunrays are not hitting the gadget.

All you need to do is wire the cells together to create a panel. You might also want to install a diode to make sure that energy doesn’t flow from the battery back into the panel when sunlight isn’t hitting the panel.

4. Make sure that it passes inspection

Highly important when building your own solar panel is that the final unit must be able to go through and passing the necessary inspection. While this step is not an absolute must, it is ideal to have solar panel kits checked and consequently pass the inspection.

Why is that?

A passed inspection report will reward the user with appropriate energy tax incentives. Isn't it a good enough reason for you to ensure the quality of your work?

Secondly, if you want to connect it to the local grid, it should also pass inspection. As soon as such a requirement is satisfied, wiring your panels to the grid means that you have the opportunity to sell excess power.

Likewise, you enjoy the advantage of having your electrical power meter flow back in case your device churns out power that you are not consuming.

Benefits of DIY Solar Panel

1. Comes with easy-to-understand manual that will help you through the processes of building and installation.

2. A highly desirable benefit is the fact that it is priced low, compared to commercial or branded versions.

3. With DIY, you can first try to experiment with a smaller unit that provides power to a few appliances. If you deem that this type of energy suits your power needs, then you can opt for larger units that deliver sufficient power to run your whole household.

4. As soon as you create additional panels yourself, this means greater savings in your electrical bill every month.

Simply, while building DIY solar panels does take time, energy, and focus; the overall process assures great fun and satisfaction. It is such a rewarding pursuit, especially in the end when you are able to enjoy substantial savings from reduced or even no use of electricity.

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Qualities that Solar Panels Kits for Homes Must Possess

The popularity of solar panels kits for homes has become immense among numerous consumers and homeowners. Many who are in the lookout for an alternative to expensive traditional power like electricity and energy have discovered the efficiency and affordability of these devices.

#5822 solar panels

It has been proven that they greatly help owners save on their power costs. However, we can’t just buy any solar panel that’s available in the market.

With the demand so great, it is expected that inferior products will be introduced to the public, which is why it a must that a buyer is discerning when it comes to choosing sun energy panels for his household’s use.

Look for the best features and qualities

1. Can be installed anywhere

It can be installed and mounted wherever you want in your home. Of course, the best place is on the rooftop, where it will be able to maximize its collection of sun’s energy. The best thing that about this gadget is that it can be placed in any type and form of roof.

The ideal unit is one that’s easy to work with, even if you are not a professional handyman or licensed electrician. You want a device that can be mounted, with components nicely connected to each other in just a few hours, and not days or even the whole day.

2. Attractive look and design

The physical appearance of your solar panel kit for home must be pleasant enough to complement the overall look of the house. It must not be bulky and unsightly; instead, it should be a major enhancement to the rooftop. The latest models have a sleek and attractive look that adds to the overall aesthetics of the home. This means that they work to increase the value of the property.

3. Sufficient power stored in battery

The ideal one comes with a good set of quality batteries to ensure that it delivers sufficient power that the household needs to run the appliances, water heater, and lighting. Go for a unit that can gather energy and deliver much needed power, whether it is a sunny day, or a dark and cloudy one.

4. Solar panels kits for homes come with easy-to-follow manual

The device is a kit, hence it offers an installation manual that has detailed, yet simple and easy-to-follow assembly instructions. It is necessary to use a manual so that the device will be easy to put up and install, much like a winning science project that’s ready to produce great results.

5. Produces no noise

Because of the simple design and few components that make up the device, it is known to produce minimal or even no noise while gathering sun’s energy, or operating and delivering power. See to it that your vendor recommends zero-noise panels, especially if you hate noise that can become a nuisance during sleeptime.

Needless to say, make sure that each and everyone of these qualities and features are found in your solar panels kits for homes. What makes them ideal is that not only are they perfect for the abode, but for recreational vehicles, sea crafts, and cabins as well. This kit is the best alternative energy solution for you, whether you want to run your home everyday or have a ready and standby back-up electric power.
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Friday, September 06, 2013

How Efficient are Solar Panels: Protect to Preserve Power Efficiency

To start with: how efficient are solar panels? This is a question that a lot of home owners, consumers, and advocates of alternative energy have always been asking for the longest time.

Solar panel 3
Many want to know the effectiveness of these gadgets. Are they trustworthy and reliable power equipments that make them a must have for homes, offices and establishments? But first, what is solar panel efficiency? The term actually refers to the quantity of sun light that the gadget can convert into electrical power.

Many are conscious about this particular quality of sun-energy panels since a high efficient panel is sure to deliver the right amount of solar power at the most desired manner.

Protect power efficiency

Solar power panels are some of the most expensive investment. Hence, it is a must that they are protected to maintain their efficiency. It is but fortunate that protecting these devices from threats such as moisture, wind, and even vandalism is simple and inexpensive.

1. As protection to the front part of your solar panel, considered using Plexiglass, which is durable than any ordinary glass many times over. They are great protection to the panels in case of extraordinary weather conditions such as hailstorm or heavy snow. In addition to this glass, you can also cover your equipment with a special, heavy duty plastic cover during times of too much snow.

2. Silicone must be applied in the PV cells in a sufficient manner to prevent moisture from getting through the interior of the device.

3. Regular maintenance is considered as a potent protection of the efficiency of solar panels. By doing so, you avoid experiencing any breakdown. It is fortunate that the best systems have just a few number of components; hence, lessening the possibility of your device breaking down.

4. Photovoltaic cells slow down in their performances as their temperature rises. You can avoid such inefficiency by maintaining 6 to 8 inches of space between your house’s roof and the equipment. This will serves as a much-needed air gap that will permit air movement. You can also install cooling components that will cool down your panels.

Apart from the issue of efficiency, homeowners and consumers are also considered about the effectiveness of these devices. Not a few have asked the query: When will solar panels be cost effective?

The answer to this is unclear. For one thing, it is quite expensive to buy a system, and can be considered as a major investment on your part. And while users are assured of a ROI, this can only be realized after at least 10 years. Fortunately, most modern equipment are made to last a “lifetime,” translated to 25 years and even longer. At the same time, as you use your device, it will work on helping you save as much as ¾’s of your electric power bill.

Quality solar panels are also capable of producing excess alternative power, which is definitely favorable on your part since you can sell this generated surplus power to the local utility grid.

Needless to say, while expenses will have to be met at the start; eventually, users will be able to reap financial and power benefits that these solar panels can deliver. As you ask the question, how efficient are solar panels; the latest models assure that their efficiency are enormous. This means that, as long as proper care and protection is rendered, they can provide the most reliable power production and use.
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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Surefire Ways to Ensure Clean Solar Panels for House

solar panels A lot of homes these days are not without solar panels for house, since many are now aware that such devices are effective in supplying a significant amount of power for their household. And the number of houses that run via the energy from the sun are growing exponentially as the days pass.

Users must remember, however, that in order to optimize such alternative power, devices must be able to gather as much energy as possible. And of the best ways to ensure optimum collection is by having the panels exposed fully to the sun’s rays all throughout the day.

Still, even with the most top-notch quality device, it will eventually become less productive as years pass. And while the latest models are top-grade quality and meant to function for many years, this is true only if proper maintenance is rendered to them.

If maintenance and care is wanting, it will be prone to wear and tear. For example, lesser power output will tend to happen as the accumulation of dirt and dust covers the surface of the panels, affecting its exposure to the rays.

In order to ensure that maximum production of power is achieved, and that users take full advantage of the high expense that comes with solar power cost, the panels must be cleaned regularly; not just the panel but all parts of the device.

Major Steps to Proper Care and Maintenance

1. First of all, see that your equipment is devoid of any crack or has no broken surface. If they exist, try to have them sealed completely with the use of a special sealant. If you can’t do it, have it fixed by a licensed repairman instead. You certainly don’t want water or moisture seeping through any slits, do you?

2. The first step to washing your solar panel systems is by dusting off excessive dirt and grime on its surfaces. Afterwards, wash and rinse it with ordinary soap and warm water. Be sure that water is warm enough to soften any soil or grime that has been stuck into the surface overtime. You might need an old brush to scrub off any stubborn dirt on the surface of your gadget.

3. After surfaces have been rinsed thoroughly, wipe them dry with paper towel or cloth. Be careful when wiping the gadget. Ideally, you must use a special wiping cloth or chamois to ensure that your gadget is scratch free.

Clean on a regular basis

If you know how to put solar panels on your house, it is likely that you are adept when it comes to keeping them clean and well-maintained. Proper cleaning is a must so that your gadget maintains optimum production and delivery of power that you household needs to run selected or all applainces on a day to day basis. With regular cleaning, you are assured that power output will be produced at almost the same level in spite of years and years of use.

To determine if your panel gadgets continue to produce the necessary energy output, take note the power level reflected immediately after its cleaning session. After a couple of weeks, recheck the output level. As soon as you notice a significant drop, it is time to clean the gadget again.

Vital Advice: For a clean and good-conditioned solar panels for house, make a schedule of inspection of your equipment. You can go to the rooftop yourself, or ask a technician to inspect it for you. If you see significant accumulation of grime or debris, it is time to clean your panels. Remember to check for proper connections and if it is securely attached onto the rooftop.
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