Monday, December 31, 2012

Finance Home Solar Power System via Mortgage for Energy Efficient Systems

If you have been considering the use of solar powered system for your home; for instance, you want to use the latest thin-type sun's energy roofs, you need a reliable means to finance such an amazing alternative energy endeavor – and this is via energy-efficient special mortgage. This is the special type of solar panel financing that needs no out of pocket expense while you want to improve your residence with such alternative source of energy.

Mortgages that create home solar power system

These are special types of loans that lenders provide in order for more consumers to utilize sun energy as a source of cheap and efficient power. This is pushed by the government in order for more lending companies to offer them to consumers.

Where are they ideal for?

These unique loan products only require minimal requirements and documents to consumers and property owners who want to apply for them. They are best used by people with existing houses, buildings, and similar properties, and want to add solar power gadgets as their sources of great, free, and reliable energy. It is also perfect for owners of new homes and offices. Likewise, such loans are the ideal financial solutions for those who own and maintain all types of residences, such as single, condominiums, duplexes, among many others.

What does it really do?

Solar financing companies offer this unique financial product, which is basically a special loan that permits consumers and home property owners to include the expenses of all their sun energy enhancements and improvements into their mortgages. The improvement costs up to as much as 15% of the value of their residence.

What is included in the computation of loan?

The lending company will compute the savings of one’s home because of the new solar panel system. Such amount will then be added to the total amount of loan; and in effect, permitting the consumer to borrow an amount that’s more than usual.

This means that no matter the amount of equity that a home has, solar panel financing will be added to the loan. This, in effect, allows a borrower to obtain and enjoy a sun-power system with hardly any out of pocket expense. And as rebates, tax credit, and metering incentive are taken advantage of, the overall cost of your system will definitely become very cheap.