Saturday, August 30, 2008

Solar Powered Pumps: Cost Free Alternative Means of Getting Water

Solar Pump Sign

Solar powered pumps are very versatile gadgets as it can be utilized for various home and business operations. They can be used in garden water ponds as well as in water fountains for gardens that are for aesthetic purposes. But such power can also be used for more important purposes like pumping water into far flung places. The fact is that these specially made water pump is now considered to be one of the more reliable and cost-efficient devices that people may use to pump water.

Of course, other means of effectively pumping water such as windmills are also in use. However, there are now many areas in which this sun-powered devices are already being used in place of the traditional equipment. How do these sun power gadgets operate? Everything all depends of specialized sun panels, the number of which that is needed depends on how deep the well is. Of course, if the well is too deep, this means that more power is needed in order for the device to work well. Consequently, more number of panels will be required.

Definitely, you are assured of virtually zero operational costs as the pump will be run solely via the power coming from the sun. This is unlike the other conventional pumping devices that are powered by conventional electricity, which in effect will make one's operational expenses very steep.

And since the pump runs mainly via the power coming from the rays of the sun rather than the electricity from the local utility, these means that the use of such pumps produces reliable, alternative power that is totally friendly to the environment. These special pumps do not in any way contribute to the already worsening environmental problem of global warming.

With the ever increasing popularity of these sun-powered devices, more and more people are finding sources on where to purchase their own solar powered pumps. Actually, these devices are available in home improvement and equipment shops, or even at your vicinity's local hardware store. Many shops on the Internet also offer these equipment, just make sure that you opt to do your purchase with a reliable online seller of these devices. More often than not, you will be surprised that these online stores sell them at significantly lower prices. 
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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Passive Solar Heating Panel: Practical Way of Warming Your Home

Holiday Home
Passive solar heating panel is not a new concept; if fact, this device has been with us for years. However, this is a much cheaper version of the more expensive conventional sun panels. Still, it also effectively gathers the sun’s rays and uses it for the heating of your home. And as the years go by, the technology on solar heating systems has become more and more sophisticated. But what is passive solar energy, in the first place?

It is obtained by the use of unique yet highly efficient alternative devices such as sun powered water heaters, which delivered properly heated water into our homes - thanks to the energy coming from the rays of the sun.

With the use such solar heating gadgets, you can very well consider your abode to be a genuine passive sun-run home. But how does this happen, actually? First of all, a typical residence should have its room areas facing the southern direction. The rooms within must have thick walls and ceilings that will act as effective insulators. Having the desired thickness in walls and ceilings will ensure that the residence is kept warm and cozy during the months of winter season and cool at summer months. The windows of such homes must have double panes which also serve to provide better insulation. Most of the glass windows and doors are facing the southern direction, again to optimize all the benefits from the sun.

Benefits and Downside of passive solar heating panel

Such a system is considered to be effective for the home as soon as the radiation that comes from the sun is gathered inside the house and efficiently stored in specific areas such as special rooms. This energy is likewise gathered and kept in thermal media home areas, like mason walls and concrete floors that are finished in ceramic materials. The heat from the sun that’s stored on these home parts will be released in a slow manner in order to keep the place warm.

It can be said that such solar heat panels has also its share of limitations. For example, some residential lots and locations might not work well for such gadgets; sun-powered abodes cannot be built because of some factors such as tall trees, high wall and barriers. And although, most homes can take advantage of such alternative heating, it is best to discuss with your home builder on how you can build your home with vital features and qualities that will make it sun-friendly, allowing such devices to take advantage of solar benefits to the fullest. Likewise, if you want your passive solar homes to be really effective in the long term, it usually requires specialized back up solar heating system for extended sun-less days, winter or any severe weather condition.
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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Solar Screens: Provides Great Benefits for You and Your Home

Like any other other sun-powered gadgets and devices, solar screens are designed to offer home owners and users with a wealth of energy benefits that will surely make their lives and the carrying out of day-to-day activities much easier and more convenient.

Some of the most vital benefits that you can take advantage of such special solar screen devices are the following:

1.It requires much lower cost in energy. A solar screen works much like a sun-powered panel. It utilizes free and renewable energy from the sun, which means less consumption of electrical power.

2.UV rays and heat that come from the sun are prevented from penetrating into your homes. This means that you can fully enjoy cooler rooms and other indoor areas in spite of the hot summer season.

3.On the other hand, winter time means more convenient and warmer rooms.

4. With these screens, you and your family are able to enjoy full, clear view of exterior surroundings.

6.Solar screens for windows are effective in preventing insects from coming in. You can only imagine being able to enjoy zero presence of flies and other pesky insects inside your home.

An excellent quality of these unique devices is that they efficiently block most of the heat that comes from the sun. Therefore, you have to see to it that your hardware store clerk provides you with the best and most efficient-working device. It is also possible that you first need to have your windows measured in order to get the best fitting screens.

With all these benefits, don’t consumers think it is but right for them to install even those simple yet easily installed solar sun screens on their home windows? If this is not possible, then people can try installing have some of these devices on windows that face the south or west direction. Or perhaps you can decide on just getting one on the room that matters to you the most.

The best thing about them is that they seem to fit almost all types, shapes, and sizes of windows. They are effective whether you close or open your windows. They can be easily removed during times when you deem it unnecessary for them to be installed. Another important benefit of DIY solar screens include the lessening of fading of fabric and carpet colors. These screens are available in various hues, which include rare ones like gold and tangerine. Hence, they are known to easily blend to any room.