Monday, January 14, 2013

Troubleshooting Tips and Advices with your Solar Outdoor Lights and their Battery

While most solar outdoor lights automatically light on during the night and switch off during daytime, it is possible that the fixture is on an off switch mode. Remember this switch, which is usually located below the head of the light.

Different Batteries of Outdoor solar lighting

Uncharged type

One reason why, for example, these lighting devices do not light up is because the batteries are yet to be charged. You must remember that as these items are kept inside the warehouse, there is great possibility that their batteries had been drained of power while waiting for their shipment. It case of batteries that are devoid of power, you must turn off the switch and then charge for as long as 2 days. This is enough to have the best rechargeable batteries fully charged and ready for use.

Flat batteries

It is likewise possible that these power providing units might be holding charge. To make sure that it is indeed the problem, you have to check them by replacing a rechargeables with a normal type. Then, test the light by placing a piece of cloth or opaque paper over the solar cells to effectively cover them. You then perform the same process with the remaining rechargeable. If either of these tests fails, it clearly means that the problem on hand is with the battery. First of all, see to it that the rechargeable batt and solar powered battery chargers are brand new and fully working. A perfectly working set is made to last for as long as one and a half to two year. On the average, an excellent quality solar lamp post lights outdoor will work perfectly through three changes.

Loose type of battery

If the lights still do not illuminate, try to check how the battery is placed in the fixture. It is possible that it has been loosely installed in the device. Batteries can become loose as they move inside during the shipment period. If loose or improper installation is not the problem, it is likely that they experience condensation, which is actually an issue that can be resolved easily. It is also a possibility that the item has become completely dislodged. This can be remedied by pushing the it back into its right position and fitting the light back to the original place, although it’s advisable to clean it first.

Presence of corrosion or rust

It is possible that the gadgets will not illuminate because of corrosion in the gadget itself or the batteries. Corrosion or rust around the solar lighting such as the terminal or the batteries themselves is usually caused by too much moisture. You will be able to fix this problem via a few simple steps. First, you have to remove the batteries. You must thoroughly clean the terminals with the use of knife or unused sand paper. It is a must that rust is completely removed to clear the terminals. Any presence must also be removed at the end parts.

If all tests about sun powered lighting, PV cells and panels, and batteries have failed to pinpoint the specific problem on why the gadgets don’t operate – it is ideal to hire an expert to service your solar outdoor lights.

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