Friday, August 11, 2006

Solar Garden Light: Great Accent and Enhancer

Just one or two solar lights So, that is it that there are some models of solar garden light gadgets that emit not much degree of illumination as I thought they would. Many of these lights are able to give off a soft, albeit beautiful and mesmerizing bluish white glow.

It is precisely because of the entrancing beauty of their lights that they are labeled as accentuating lighting fixtures. In other words, these gadgets are specifically meant to act as guiding lights, especially for dark areas, walkways, and corners. They are intended to help passers-by become guided to the right path or way.

Since my place does not have a garden or pathway in which to place these garden lighting solar gadgets – I decided that it is best to make them as nice decorations inside my home. I placed them in strategic corners in my living room; this greatly enhanced the area especially because the type of fixtures that I bought are of the incandescent lamp type.

In general, home owners who have a need for alternative illumination device for their yards and gardens can take advantages of a great number of these sun-powered gadgets that shine or emit light more brightly outside their homes. There are simply a lot of sun power lighting manufacturers and dealers in the market today that offer the perfect illumination devices for a home. All that one has to do is give his illuminating requirements as well as a description of his home exterior.

You have to make sure, however, that you consider buying your needed lighting to a reliable and established manufacturer or dealer. This is to ensure that you are able to enjoy the best lights that you need. See to it that you only deal with a seller that have been in the garden solar light industry for years; this will assure you that you get the best quality product possible, one that you can use and enjoy for many, many years. One way of looking for these sellers is by going to the Internet. Try to check out the websites that appear on the first online pages as these are known to be the best providers of solar products. Going online is definitely a great idea as all vital information of sun powered products, specifications and pictures can be easily checked in the Internet.

For those who want to buy garden lighting solar personally, you can buy quality products on your local hardware or even supermarket store.

Again, it must be reiterated that many of these solar-powered lights can emit a degree of brightness only so much. If you are a homeowner that decides to buy one of these products, you must not expect it to light up so brightly your so many meters of garden area. It only enhance an area such as a garden or accent your home’s pathway or step.
Image Source: Caroline

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Build Solar panel: Is it Easy?

Tips for your DIY Solar Panels Wish you have home solar panel installed in your roof or a portable one that can provide the power for your camper or trailer’s various appliances? Would you like to generate electricity by tapping solar energy but you lack money to buy these power gadgets?

Have you thought - instead of spending money to buy this energy gadget - just build solar panel? Yes, you may be able to spend less money if and when you decide to build one on your own. It can be a feasible project indeed, since the required materials or components are just few. At the same time, they are quite affordable and easily available in hardware shops or home improvement stores.

The question “how do you make a solar panel” is next to be asked. Well, a few of us home owners must have had an experience creating a similar device as a high school science project. Many have had the chance to work with simple panels and wiring so it will be quite easy.

But for others without any prior experience in building one, we have to be sure that the standard procedures or steps to building such device are strictly followed – to assure its overall quality. This likewise makes sure that it delivers the right amount of alternative power to run even at least the small appliances that we have at home. It is a must that will follow the standard procedures on how to assemble these gadgets to the letters. Actually, steps do vary according to the assembler’s requirements or specifications.

Solar stores and centers sell solar panel products that come with vital manuals on how to assemble or at least install them on the roof top. It is a must that before we leave the store with our DIY gadgets, it has the accompanying manual inside. The best suggestion is to refer to the refutable and knowledgeable stores in your area that will provide you with the needed materials and advice, as well as reliable manual containing simple step-by-step procedures on how to build the product.

Usually, the materials needed are copper tubings, glass, wood for making frame, and aluminum sheets.

Even if you build it yourself, as long as you strictly adhere to the manual, the outcome will certainly be as efficient as the product that was manufactured commercially.

One major benefit if you assemble your own solar powered device yourself is that the cost will be definitely minimal. You will probably have to spend a third of the amount that you might spend for those energy gadgets sold commercially.

So, go on, if you want to know how to create a solar panel, it is advisable that you try your hand at it. With lots of patience and a little amount of money, you will be able to enjoy free, clean, and renewable sun power for your household indefinitely.
Source of Photograph: Nathan Max

Thursday, June 01, 2006

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

LED Lantern: Solar Energy Gadget

Solar-Powered Lighting under Rusted Steel Roof Gazebo Other highly useful alternative illuminating gadget which, like the home and the rv solar panels, utilize the ever flowing energy from the sun as a major source of power are the solar powered LED lanterns. More popularly known in the industry as the LED, it is a device that produces quality form of light as soon as a consistent flow of electric current goes through it. Basically, the latter is converted into power that will produce the necessary light for both the insides and exteriors of a home.

The LED lantern has a special type of solar panel that's built in, effectively gathering the needed energy from the sun. Such energy is stored as power. When buying and utilizing this gadget, it is a must that you properly connect the panels into the lantern. At the same time, see to it that the panels are exposed totally to strong rays of the sun for eight up to ten hours. Such sun exposure requirement is dependent on the specification of the lantern. The right exposure is meant for the solar batteries to be charged. Such lantern with fully-charged batteries will be able to offer bright light that will last up to more than a day. The usual light emitting diode lantern that is available in stores has AC/DC power supply, adapter, and rechargeable batteries.

Likewise, this special lantern is the best alternative for the common fuel and kerosene lamps. The latter gadgets are known to be messy and often the cause of unwanted accidents such as body burns and property fires. Consequently the non-use of fuel lamps means no more fuel spills, mess and strong fumes.

This lighting gadget is ideal to be used during brownouts (power failure), and camping and hiking activities. They are also meant to be used by hikers and mountaineers who love to stay outdoors overnight. These solar LED lantern lights are also perfect for lighting small boats. They can also be used during emergency situation. The best things about these special lanterns is that they are very light, handy, and easy to use.

Best of all, the light emitting diode lantern is another green-oriented product that's meant to be used to ensure a healthier environment. Finally, it is one of the most wonderful ways by which we can take advantage of the enormous and free solar energy.
Image source: RightBrainPhotography

Monday, May 08, 2006

Home Solar Panel - Providing Power to the US Homes

The home solar panel is becoming more and more popular as a means of energy for U.S. homes. Many have already installed their units in their homes, and others are seriously intending to purchase their own in the future.

Whereas decades ago, solar energy as energy intended for home use is very limited like in the heating of water in the pool, now the use of the sun energy has become broader in scope. Rooms are now brightly lit, TVs and radios blasting, electric ranges and ovens operating – all because of the use of home solar panels. Even gardens are being lit by sun-powered illumination gadgets every night.

These special panels greatly reduces your electric bill from your local utility, which is a wonderful thing for us budget conscious consumers. Actually, you may even be an energy seller, with your local utility buying the excess electricity that you produced way beyond your consumption.

To top it all, solar power panels create energy sans the pollution that will endanger our environment. Agencies in the US promote the use of such devices. At the same time, energy bills are being passed, most of which are meant to provide tax credits and other incentives upon the use of these alternative gadgets.

Modern U.S. homes are now constructed with these devices already installed on top of the roof. And this is because they are becoming more and more affordable for the average U.S. consumer to use.

Don’t you think it’s about time for you to have your own home solar panels? You may think hard before deciding to buy a reliable and high-quality one for your energy use. But if indeed you decided in buying, it’s going to be the best decision you’ll make as an intelligent consumer.

Solar Panel History

What is a Solar Panel?

A Solar Panel is a device consisting of flat-shaped collection of solar cells or thermal collectors that is connected to each other and is intended to convert solar energy into heat or electric power.

Solar Panel as the name denotes is a gadget intended to gather and capture the energy from the sun. The solar cells are also referred to as the photovoltaic cells. The term photovoltaic means light and electricity.

History of Solar Panel: Its Invention

Since the early times, man has seen the great potential in the sun as an enormous source of power and energy. And in the course of history, he has devised means to tap into this great energy source in the heavens. Indeed, the sun is an ideal power giver: the solar energy is ever-flowing and inexhaustible and free from creating pollution.

In ancient Europe, the Romans and Greeks realized the vastness and availability of the power from the sun, and they used this power through the designs in their houses. They also used solar energy to compliment the available means of energy then, which was twigs, logs and lumber for burning.

During the period of the industrial revolution, scientists and engineers searched to tap on the solar power as an effective alternative to the coal-dependent steam engine.

Auguste Mouchout is the inventor of the first solar motor – in the early 1960’s he was able to invent a steam engine that will run on solar energy. But because coal was becoming a cheap source of energy, his invention as an important landmark in the Industrial Revolution history came and went unnoticed.

John Ericsson in the United States is one of the pioneers in the development of solar power. He is the inventor of the parabolic trough collector, design still in use until today.

In 1921, Albert Einstein’s research on the photoelectric effect garnered for him the Nobel Price in Physics. The creation of energy from solar cells is the concept of the photoelectric effect.

In 1941, Russell Ohl is awarded the patent for the modern solar cell.