Friday, September 06, 2013

How Efficient are Solar Panels: Protect to Preserve Power Efficiency

To start with: how efficient are solar panels? This is a question that a lot of home owners, consumers, and advocates of alternative energy have always been asking for the longest time.

Solar panel 3
Many want to know the effectiveness of these gadgets. Are they trustworthy and reliable power equipments that make them a must have for homes, offices and establishments? But first, what is solar panel efficiency? The term actually refers to the quantity of sun light that the gadget can convert into electrical power.

Many are conscious about this particular quality of sun-energy panels since a high efficient panel is sure to deliver the right amount of solar power at the most desired manner.

Protect power efficiency

Solar power panels are some of the most expensive investment. Hence, it is a must that they are protected to maintain their efficiency. It is but fortunate that protecting these devices from threats such as moisture, wind, and even vandalism is simple and inexpensive.

1. As protection to the front part of your solar panel, considered using Plexiglass, which is durable than any ordinary glass many times over. They are great protection to the panels in case of extraordinary weather conditions such as hailstorm or heavy snow. In addition to this glass, you can also cover your equipment with a special, heavy duty plastic cover during times of too much snow.

2. Silicone must be applied in the PV cells in a sufficient manner to prevent moisture from getting through the interior of the device.

3. Regular maintenance is considered as a potent protection of the efficiency of solar panels. By doing so, you avoid experiencing any breakdown. It is fortunate that the best systems have just a few number of components; hence, lessening the possibility of your device breaking down.

4. Photovoltaic cells slow down in their performances as their temperature rises. You can avoid such inefficiency by maintaining 6 to 8 inches of space between your house’s roof and the equipment. This will serves as a much-needed air gap that will permit air movement. You can also install cooling components that will cool down your panels.

Apart from the issue of efficiency, homeowners and consumers are also considered about the effectiveness of these devices. Not a few have asked the query: When will solar panels be cost effective?

The answer to this is unclear. For one thing, it is quite expensive to buy a system, and can be considered as a major investment on your part. And while users are assured of a ROI, this can only be realized after at least 10 years. Fortunately, most modern equipment are made to last a “lifetime,” translated to 25 years and even longer. At the same time, as you use your device, it will work on helping you save as much as ¾’s of your electric power bill.

Quality solar panels are also capable of producing excess alternative power, which is definitely favorable on your part since you can sell this generated surplus power to the local utility grid.

Needless to say, while expenses will have to be met at the start; eventually, users will be able to reap financial and power benefits that these solar panels can deliver. As you ask the question, how efficient are solar panels; the latest models assure that their efficiency are enormous. This means that, as long as proper care and protection is rendered, they can provide the most reliable power production and use.
Image Credit: Thanks to photo of Mike Baker


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