Thursday, January 03, 2013

Issues You Must Discuss with Dealer of Your Solar Power Panels

Without a doubt, owning solar power panels is one of the most important decisions that a homeowner can ever make, as far as managing his household is concerned. Here are six important queries that you must ask your vendor to make sure that what you’re buying is the perfect one for your home:

Vital Questions on Solar Power Panels

1. I don’t know which device is best for my household – can you help me decide to how to pick one that will perfectly meet my power needs?

If you absolutely have no idea on the type, model, and capacity of sun energy panel equipment to buy, it is best to ask for the professional advice of your dealer. More often than not, he is 100% willing to help. He will ask you a number of vital information, like the reason why you want to install solar home panels. He needs to know if you intend to run your entire abode using sun’s energy, or if you want only to provide sun power for a specific part of the house, or certain type and number of appliances and lighting.

2. Do you offer discounts on your items?

Most dealers offer discounts and slashed prices on their items. Hence, it’s advisable to ask them and find out the available discounts that you can enjoy from your purchase. You must remember that the solar energy system industry is getting more and more competitive. It is common for producers and manufacturers to go out of their way in order to enjoy a good edge over their competition by offering great discounts and low prices on their products. Take full advantage of this fact.

Another thing is that you can enjoy much lower-priced offers if you make online purchases. With probably hundreds of online stores existing on the Internet, you will have to make serious research. Just be patient, and sure enough, you will land the website that sells their products at really low prices.

3. Is after sales services offered to your clients?

After sales services is a must feature that you must enjoy from any establishment, whether online or off. For instance, if your photovoltaic solar panel suddenly refuses to operate and produce the energy that it’s supposed to deliver, you must be able to obtain immediate technical assistance from your seller. Make sure that you have their contact details in case something does go wrong with your equipment.

4. Do you maintain an official website?

It’s preferable that your dealer has an official website wherein you will be able to find essential information on its products and services. It must also have vital contact details in case you need to contact them regarding issues about your device.

Make sure that your vendor's website contains its phone numbers and chat details, as well as email address. This makes it easy for customers to contact them. The most reliable device dealer is one with customer service that’s available all times of the day, seven days a week.

5. Are your technical team/installer competent to do the installation job?

If you need to buy a sun powered device, make sure that you make a purchase from a company with competent and expert technical staff members. This assures that your product will be installed properly and so will deliver the maximum benefits that you can deliver from it.

Important advice: should any problem occur in the solar power panels, don’t attempt to fix them, unless you are an expert in the field. Call the dealer for assistance. If it is efficient, it will immediately send its best technician to deal with the issue and fix your device.

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