Friday, April 20, 2012

5 Watt Sunforce 52022 Solar Trickle Charger - Efficient, Cheap Solar Panels

If you are looking for high effective and reliable, yet cheap solar panels, there is the Sunforce 5-Watt 52022 Trickle Charger, which is available in twin packs. Every unit if why your definitely when it comes to ensuring that you maintain 12-volt battery that you need in your vehicle, like RV and cars.

These are also perfect chargers for electric fences, sailing boats, deer feeders, among many other. How do you operate these devices? They involve simple and easy systems that any non-technical individual can comprehend. These devices only require you to just a few steps to efficiently operate them.

First of all, you only have to plug the trickle charge into the 12-Volt type lighter socket. You then have to place the panels in a location wherein it can receive the most amount of light possible.

It is also possible for you to connect the chargers directly into the special battery; all you need to do is use some alligator clips. This effectively keeps the lighter socket to be ready to accept chargers for mobile phones or any other gadgets.

Features of 5 Watt Sunforce 52022 Solar Trickle Charger

1. It is perfect for maintaining 12-volt battery

2. The gadget consists of specialized ABS plastic-type and amorphous solar cells

3. This charging device has a set of built-in blocking diodes that work to protect any unwanted discharge during nighttime

4. Weatherproof to withstand all natural condition; which means it charges even when days are cloudy

5. Has four pre-cut holes meant for quick installation

6. Includes CLA adaptor, battery clamps and long wire

Indeed, Solar Trickle Charger is another effective sun-powered product from Sunforce. Needless to say, Sunforce brand of Solar chargers and panels are extremely efficient in all types of locations, whether there is little or sufficient exposure to the rays of the sun. This is the reason why most home owners in the United States consider them as one of the most perfect gadgets when it comes to taking advantage of alternative sun power. Indeed, Sunforce brand offers some of the most reliable, yet cheap solar panels in the market today.


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