Saturday, March 05, 2011

Solar Power Rebates for the Sun Energy User

Huge expenses come to mind when a home owner contemplates on installing solar panel devices. How much are solar panels, really? Whatever might be the cost of this device, it is definitely one that interests more and more consumers and homeonwers if only because of the wealth of benefits that it delivers. It is certainly a device of choice by those who have great concern for the welfare of the environment.

For those who are serious in lessening any power bills in the long term, the federal government offers solar power rebates. For example, a home owner who might be residing in the sun-power friendly US states such as New Jersey or even California, more often than not, they offer federal programs that automatically offer substantial rebate for those who are interested in using such devices for the home and engage in the production of this renewable energy. Such incentives that one can enjoy are significantly high that such installments of solar gadgets will help in the owner being able to pay for its power is as fast as 3 years or even less.

Via the California’s Renewable Energy Rebate scheme, many of its citizens will have to pay for just half of the home solar panels price of the sun and wind power systems. Such effective program permits those who are qualified.

The utility agencies on which the sites must be grid-tied or connected are the following:

1. So California Edison
2. San Diego Gas and Electric
3. Pacific Gas and Electric

When connected to these companies, users and consumers will experience dramatic reduction in electric costs. The power bills of the California residents will reduce to practically nil when they go for a combination of time-of-use meters, effective conservation of energy and government tax break.

On the other hand, the New Jersey solar power rebates range from as low as hundreds to as high as thousands of dollars per approved rebate application, all of such coming from the Office of Clean Energy in New Jersey. The office offers generous cash rebates per watt of installed sun power to applicants but only on a limited basis. However, it must be stressed that the application is intimidating somewhat, as the applicant needs a company with ample knowledge to file them for him. There exist rebate programs and schemes that effectively reduce installation costs.

However, since a number of US states such as California and New Jersey are generous enough to offer sun power users rebate incentives, more and more American consumers from the other US States are thinking about transferring to use of sun power energy and reduce or give up altogether the use of traditional electricity, which is made available through its production from oil or coal manufacturing plants.

Is solar power worth it? Many long time and new users think so. They are now enjoy its many benefits and advantages – and these are the following; aside of course from the possible solar rebates, depending on the area or state where one lives:

Users are allowed to enjoy doing investment as well as additional source of income in the long term once they are regularly enjoying surplus in the sun power production.

Switching to solar energy use helps many home owners in saving substantial hard-earned cash

With the regular use of alternative energy source coming for the sun, the user in effect becomes instrument in the contribution to the cleanliness and saving of the surroundings and environment in general.

Just a few years ago, many pioneers in this alternative energy use were innovative enough to deviate from the usual electricity use and go for the alternative sources of energy, solar type included. They beam in pride as they are able to achieve almost nil electrical bill each month. And because of new and more improved technology in alternative energy, the solar panels for the home are becoming more and more effective in the production of power for the ordinary home owners. Some are evidently made portable and less heavy than the older models.

Definitely solar panel rebate incentives are very important in effecting the leveling of the field. In other words, such rebates can ensure that clean and renewable kind of energy is made to match up the traditional power source by making it likewise as attractive in terms of cost.

Some of these rebate benefits – particularly concerning the huge, major projects – are able to pay more than 50 percent of the incurred expenses and costs. Fortunately, such expenses by the user can be recovered in only a few numbers of years. And if the opt to do so, users will be able to earn once they are able to sell their surplus energy to the state government.

Definitely, the correct information is important to understand; consumers will all the more be enticed into transferring to utilization of PV solar system once they realize that the cost of the use of electrical power in the long run will be much more expensive compared to the zero expense incurred when solar energy is utilized.

Sun power will be paying for itself practically and not the user – maybe in the future even the purchase and installation of solar house panels. And so, going back to the question - is solar power worth it? Apparently, it is so. It is clear that more and more consumers and home owners are joining the band wagon. They want to take full advantage of free and clean energy, while enjoy the chance to generate extra cash as they surplus power from the sun.
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