Sunday, February 20, 2011

How Does Solar Panel Work?

Have you ever wondered and simply ask the question how does solar panel work? Indeed, it can really be amazing just to think how a gadget that you installed on top of your roof can work to produce electrical power in order to run the home appliances and equipment that you have in your home or office. While you might not give any serious thought about the mechanics that goes with the operation of solar powered home panels, it is certainly worth knowing it especially if you realize that its use can be very helpful in the preservation of the cleanliness of our environment.

How does a solar panel work, really?

For those who want to know the effectiveness of these alternative power gadgets, they simply collect energy, or PV, from the sun and convert it to electric power. Basically, PV cells are the main components of these device, and are made simply out of special silicon materials. Such materials in turn are made of sand that is manufactured into big computer chips. These chips are made to work as semiconductors.

The rays of the sun are absorbed by the photovoltaic panels, and into a PN junction wherein which the sun energy is transformed into electric power. This PN junction is actually where negative and positive forces work to create the electric field.

Once the much needed power is created by the solar electric panels, the power is transported into electrical wiring around the house. Actually, the electricity is originally a DC type, but since normally homes in the United States run on AC, all of the DC power will be transported to an inverter in order for it to be converted into AC. Thus such converted power can now provide energy to all the homes, offices and other establishments that use the PV systems.

The surplus power that the panels capture is stored in big battery systems meant to collect such power. They are usually found in protected exterior areas of the homes. Also these batteries can be found in basements or any other hidden storage in the house. For those residential and business owners who have great need for electricity, there are batteries that are capable of storing power that can be used continuously for one long week, even longer.

So for those who might ask “how does a solar panel work” It can be quite tricky to know how it really works, especially for the technologically challenged individual. But as long as one is able to purchase his sun power kits, it can be quite easy to install them on the roof, what with the instruction that accompanies the unit. But if you decide that you simply want to have an easy time, it is advisable to simply let a professional do the installing of your unit.
Image credit: Michael Deegan


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