Saturday, September 13, 2008

Swimming Pool Solar Panels: Effectively Warms Your Pools

Everyone loves to use the swimming pool,especially young kids and not to mention our lovable kids. What is more enjoyable than experiencing some adventurous water fun or simply floating around with your rubber raft on a hot lazy afternoon. Still, you want the water to be just at the right warm temperature. Definitely, whether you want to enjoy swimming for total relaxation by doing your laps or for the maintenance of your overall health, having a cool and refreshing swim pool is simply the way to do it. Without a doubt, this facility means ultimate water-based comfort, fun, and excitement. That’s why we can only thank swimming pool solar panels and heaters for warming our pools in an efficient manner.

These sun-powered devices likewise enhance the pleasure and enjoyment we get from any afternoon swimming season with kids and family. A reliable sun-powered heater warms your recreational facility in an efficient manner. This certainly adds a lot more time to your swimming session, regardless of the current climate in your location.

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How do swimming pool solar panels work?

They work quite simply, just like any other conventional panels. First of all, you must see to it that the device are properly installed by closely referring to the installation manual of the device. If you want 100% proper installation, you must hire the services of a licensed pool technician to do the job. As soon as the panels are properly installed, water is immediately pumped from the pool into the solar panels. Next, the rays from the sun heats up the water that is stored in the panels. When the desired warm temperature is achieved, the water is then returned to your pool. Now, the great news especially for the kids is that it’s ready for swimming!

While the use of other heaters that are used for pools automatically means high electrical power bills every month, the power derived from sun powered panels for pools as well as heaters, on the other hand, are free. Only these devices will be able to provide you with a nice warm pool everyday with zero costs to worry about on your part. And approximately in just a year or two of using the pool solar panel and heater is enough time to help you recover the amount of money that you spent for the gadgets; if only because of all the power savings that you enjoyed.

And by the way, while you are at it, one of the best ways to reduce loss of heat, which consequently helps in effectively reducing the expenses on pool heating is by the use of solar pool cover. At the same time, it prevents dirt and debris from getting into the pool and messing up the water. Such covers very well compliment the panels and so can be considered as a wise purchase. They can be easily bought at many online shops or at any local home improvement store.


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Daniel said...

Its great to see more people talking about passive solar for heating swimming pools. The concept has actually been in practice since the 70's or earlier. I have seen many home made systems that really work great and dont cost allot to build. while researching the topic (Im building one myself) I found some intersting information about passive solar at Well worth a look if your interested in doing something like this.

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Thats great info.

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There will be alot more interest in these applications for solar powerin the near future...

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Very Unique Solar Idea!

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I like to have solar panel in my pool. I use
Solar Power Generator as my alternative energy. How can I use it to warm my pool?