Sunday, August 24, 2008

Passive Solar Heating Panel: Practical Way of Warming Your Home

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Passive solar heating panel is not a new concept; if fact, this device has been with us for years. However, this is a much cheaper version of the more expensive conventional sun panels. Still, it also effectively gathers the sun’s rays and uses it for the heating of your home. And as the years go by, the technology on solar heating systems has become more and more sophisticated. But what is passive solar energy, in the first place?

It is obtained by the use of unique yet highly efficient alternative devices such as sun powered water heaters, which delivered properly heated water into our homes - thanks to the energy coming from the rays of the sun.

With the use such solar heating gadgets, you can very well consider your abode to be a genuine passive sun-run home. But how does this happen, actually? First of all, a typical residence should have its room areas facing the southern direction. The rooms within must have thick walls and ceilings that will act as effective insulators. Having the desired thickness in walls and ceilings will ensure that the residence is kept warm and cozy during the months of winter season and cool at summer months. The windows of such homes must have double panes which also serve to provide better insulation. Most of the glass windows and doors are facing the southern direction, again to optimize all the benefits from the sun.

Benefits and Downside of passive solar heating panel

Such a system is considered to be effective for the home as soon as the radiation that comes from the sun is gathered inside the house and efficiently stored in specific areas such as special rooms. This energy is likewise gathered and kept in thermal media home areas, like mason walls and concrete floors that are finished in ceramic materials. The heat from the sun that’s stored on these home parts will be released in a slow manner in order to keep the place warm.

It can be said that such solar heat panels has also its share of limitations. For example, some residential lots and locations might not work well for such gadgets; sun-powered abodes cannot be built because of some factors such as tall trees, high wall and barriers. And although, most homes can take advantage of such alternative heating, it is best to discuss with your home builder on how you can build your home with vital features and qualities that will make it sun-friendly, allowing such devices to take advantage of solar benefits to the fullest. Likewise, if you want your passive solar homes to be really effective in the long term, it usually requires specialized back up solar heating system for extended sun-less days, winter or any severe weather condition.
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