Saturday, January 12, 2008

Solar Powered Fountain

If you are someone who want to strongly consider having garden fountains to add a hint of beauty and accent to the outside portion of your homes, such as the garden or lawn; then why don’t your try a solar powered fountain? Not only do these beautiful and calming fixtures cost the same, if not a little higher, as the conventional type of fountains; but they also allow you to save a significant amount of power since they take advantage of free energy derived from the rays of the sun. Consequently, you are able to enjoy a much smaller electric bill that you need to pay every month.

Since they are sun powered thru the use of sun-powered panels, this only means that no expensive electricity is used to operate them. Of course, there is no reason for the fountain not to operate in the manner that's expected of it, especially if it is placed at the best location in the garden. As long as the device, specifically its panels, is in direct contact with the rays of the sun, it will run properly via the use of alternative sun power.

There are many solar water fountains that have their panel component separate from the main part itself. You can install and position it in the middle of the garden, while you can position its panels in a location where rays of the sun are most plentiful.

Needless to say, it is important for you to install them away from the shadows and shades of other plants and trees found in your garden. This will make sure that maximum amount of sunlight with hit the panels, collecting ample amounts of energy and providing the necessary power to effectively run your garden devices. It is certainly so much fun to see the graceful movements of waters that comes from such alternative powered water fixtures, but what is amazing is to realize that this happens because of the free and renewable energy from the sun.

These alternative water-based, home exterior gadgets are available in all kinds of hues and sizes. They are wonderful decorations can will provide aesthetics for homes. Just make sure that your gadgets must be installed on any of your garden’s stable, flat surfaces. You can even have one installed on an exterior wall, and it will turn out to be pretty and attractive decor as well. Such type of solar powered water fountain will definitely provide a great accent to any home yard, lawn, or garden.


reedroad said...

I have been searching the web for several hours and cannot find a small and simple pump/panel like the one shown on Solar Power News for 11/01.
I do not need any other parts like bird baths or clay pots.
please let me know.

Anonymous said...

I have recently introduced some Solar Powered Fountains into my garden. Although not as powerful as electric powered pumps, for gentle flowing garden water features (trickles and cascades) these are perfect for their purpose.