Saturday, June 03, 2006

Build Solar panel: Is it Easy?

Tips for your DIY Solar Panels Wish you have home solar panel installed in your roof or a portable one that can provide the power for your camper or trailer’s various appliances? Would you like to generate electricity by tapping solar energy but you lack money to buy these power gadgets?

Have you thought - instead of spending money to buy this energy gadget - just build solar panel? Yes, you may be able to spend less money if and when you decide to build one on your own. It can be a feasible project indeed, since the required materials or components are just few. At the same time, they are quite affordable and easily available in hardware shops or home improvement stores.

The question “how do you make a solar panel” is next to be asked. Well, a few of us home owners must have had an experience creating a similar device as a high school science project. Many have had the chance to work with simple panels and wiring so it will be quite easy.

But for others without any prior experience in building one, we have to be sure that the standard procedures or steps to building such device are strictly followed – to assure its overall quality. This likewise makes sure that it delivers the right amount of alternative power to run even at least the small appliances that we have at home. It is a must that will follow the standard procedures on how to assemble these gadgets to the letters. Actually, steps do vary according to the assembler’s requirements or specifications.

Solar stores and centers sell solar panel products that come with vital manuals on how to assemble or at least install them on the roof top. It is a must that before we leave the store with our DIY gadgets, it has the accompanying manual inside. The best suggestion is to refer to the refutable and knowledgeable stores in your area that will provide you with the needed materials and advice, as well as reliable manual containing simple step-by-step procedures on how to build the product.

Usually, the materials needed are copper tubings, glass, wood for making frame, and aluminum sheets.

Even if you build it yourself, as long as you strictly adhere to the manual, the outcome will certainly be as efficient as the product that was manufactured commercially.

One major benefit if you assemble your own solar powered device yourself is that the cost will be definitely minimal. You will probably have to spend a third of the amount that you might spend for those energy gadgets sold commercially.

So, go on, if you want to know how to create a solar panel, it is advisable that you try your hand at it. With lots of patience and a little amount of money, you will be able to enjoy free, clean, and renewable sun power for your household indefinitely.
Source of Photograph: Nathan Max

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