Monday, August 26, 2013

How are Solar Panels Made and Installed: Enjoy Alternative Sun Power

Inquisitive homeowners and consumers ask the question: “How are solar panels made? Many think that these devices are highly complicated that have numerous parts and cost thousands of dollars.

In fact, nowadays, just about any individual can own and operate one for his abode. Building and installing your very own affordable panels is possible, and you don’t even have to be an engineer or technician to do it. Gone are those days when such equipment are bulky, difficult to handle, and requires fussy maintenance and repair. All you need to do is go to a brick-and-mortar hardware shop to get a quality set. Or if you want to enjoy convenience, you can go online instead and order one of those quality solar panel kits for homes.

100W Solar Panel

Remember that to enjoy a fully functional panel, it is advisable to go through the list of parts of the kit and check if the package has everyone of them. Be careful when assembling. If you insist on doing it yourself, try referring to one or two videos online that demonstrate how the process is done properly. If you are absolutely unsure with how to go about the assembly and installation procedures, the best option is to hire a professional technician. This saves you time and energy.

While you can actually build one from scratch, since most components are now easily available anyway, it’s not practical. It’s logical to buy a do-it-yourself kit and assemble it yourself. It’s almost like creating the gadget all by yourself.

What are solar panels made of? The most important parts are PV cells. They are like the heart of a sun-power device. See to it that you purchase a kit that has excellent-condition, quality cells so that maximum amount of energy is gathered from the rays of the sun. Abundant electrical power is then made available during nighttime or whenever necessary.

Connections are important as well. Make sure that the interconnection parts are found in the package. Check if cells are properly lined up in the panels and securely attached and connected to one another. Normally, the cell components have wires that must be soldered correctly into the frames. Even if only one cell is not in its proper place, the sun’s energy will not be collected and converted into power.

Another vital component is the charger, one end of which is attached to the cells’ connections. The other end is connected to a special battery that stores the energy and releases it when power is needed.

One important word of advice if you are consider using a DIY kit – select the model that’s can deliver the right amount of power that you need for your household. This can be assured by getting recommendations from your dealer or hardware store owner.

And also, when installing the device, it must be properly attached to the rooftop. Install it at the best location of your home’s roof. In other words, place your kit on the spot where sunrays fall abundantly. Avoid places where shadows and shades will hinder maximum exposure of your kit’s panels to the rays of the sun.

So, how are solar panels made – this is a question that you don’t need to ask. As it is, affordable panels are now easily available, ones that are quick and convenient to assemble and install. Within minutes, you will have one up and running. It will work immediately to lessen or eliminate your electrical expenses. You will certainly be excited to see that almost all electrical appliances in your home can be run conveniently – at zero expense on your part.
Image source: Shaun Lowthian


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Inquisitive homeowners and consumers ask the question: “How are solar panels made? Many think that these devices are highly complicated that have numerous parts and cost thousands of dollars. best solar panel

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